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Webpage Lies down Online

Its Web to sell products by Internet

Our webpages of store online are developed to size and with the last technology Web. Our philosophy of programming allows us to adapt our stores online until as much covering all the needs in the present one as in the future.

Inclu­mos always the purchase of photographies with use rights, to always give the greater possible visual quality.

It discovers next our new Store Online and all the benefits that can offer to him.



Web Lies down Online | Design Web | SYLJEAN


It grows and one adapts

Our Webpage of Store Online allows the product publication of limitless form, grouping products by categories and subcategories of free and voluntary form with a great detail of information. In addition, the webpage consists initially of 4 complete pages of additional information (that we are, services, etc.) with photographies of high quality with use rights and a page of contact with form and map of location.

If it needs more, our Store Online is extended with modules of different

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100% Self-managementable

Freedom of management

Through private panel it will be able to manage the 100% of all the information and contents of the Store Online. It will be able to add, to modify, to erase products of complete form; information, characteristics, prices, photographies, pdf. The content manager is intuitive and very easy to use.

In addition, these changes will be able to realise them from any place, only needs to be able to accede via Web.

Web Lies down Online | Design Web | SYLJEAN


100% Adaptable one

Our Store Online visually adapts to all the movable computers and devices to offer the best experience of navigation to the users.

Today, 40% of the visits are realised from movable devices, for that reason it is fundamental that the store online is responsive to secure the best results.

Web Lies down Online | Design Web | SYLJEAN

Social networks

To share and To create Value

The Social Networks are spaces of diffusion and interaction that contribute to great popularity and traffic to their store online, the communication is fundamental for the development of all business.

Benefit from all the tools that to him the market offers and from a to know his products by the Social Networks.

Web Lies down Online | Design Web | SYLJEAN

Positioning Web

The key of the success

We optimize all the content and the programming of the store online with our experience SEO to obtain the best positioning in the finders and thus the maximum yield.

The success of our clients, is our success.

Web Lies down Online | Design Web | SYLJEAN


It enlarges and It adapts his Web at any time Store Online to his needs


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